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I've told them:


- I'm not here to take pictures but I'm gonna make this photo

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Pitti Uomo (Michael, day-by-day)

Michael day 1
Michael day 2
Michael day 3
Michael day 4

It was my 1st time at Pitti Uomo. A brand had asked me to capture the atmosphere at the fair through my photographs. Pitti was impressive. There were so many interesting brands and visitors. However, I have to say I felt somehow overwhelmed by all the cameras, lens and photographs, in such a way that I felt the last thing I actually wanted to do there was to take photos of someone. It was as if everything there was in the precise antipodes of moments like this and this. As if everyone there was unaware that it is actually possible to find inspiring people in the least likely of places. In places where everyone we approach is reluctant to accept our invitation. It is as if they are suspicious. However, after a 30-second chat and a genuine smile, they finally allow themselves to be photographed by a perfect stranger. When I saw Michael on those stairs I thought it was one of the few images that could be taken away from all that crowd, that bustle and bearded vanity fair. The next day I saw him again in the same place and then realized that there were two other moments to capture and so I said to him:
-    - It’s difficult to believe but… your pictures are the only ones I want to keep for myself.
Just him, for every day of the fair. Without the glamour, the ideal setting or the slightest editing. Just him, on the stairs, close to his brand's stand

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A camisa oriental

The most beautiful men's shirt I have ever taken a photo of

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The Panamanian bikini

Biquini do Panamá

[you can see more about this bikini and more about this hat around here]

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A beautiful view from China

A beautiful view from China

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Shunnoz & Tekasala

Shunnoz & Tekasala

Sometimes people ask me for how much longer do I picture myself doing this. How much longer do I imagine myself having what it takes to approach people here and there. And I always say there will be a day, for whatever the reason, it will stop making sense to me signing this. I don't know when that day will come (I can't even picture it in the horizon), but every now and then someone reminds me why I can't feel it coming close.That's what Shunnoz and Tekasala made me feel last Friday. They made me feel that when you have the whole humanity as an object (or at least the small sample brought to us by fate), we hardly ever risk feeling bored. Because when I try to see it from above I realise the number of languages, accents, geographical localizations, religious beliefs and the broad cultural and visual diversity that each one of these persons offers me. And when we stumble across Shunnoz and Tekasala there's something that becomes obvious. It's obvious I won't get tired of this so soon

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When we're travelling for a year and nine months, by bike, from Korea, style isn't most likely our biggest priority. But the funny thing is that Kim, apparently even without noticing it, didn't lose that sense of style for the year, the other nine months and the extra pounds of the bike

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Unbearable lightness

Insustentável leveza

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Father & Son

Tal filho tal pai (1) Tal filho tal pai (2)

I don’t know if André father ever told André son something like You're still young, that's your fault, There's so much you have to know.” , but one thing’s for sure: among the habits one André has inherited from the other, there’s the one that made me stop someone at the street and say:

- Good afternoon. I would like to take a picture of you

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People usually ask me “how do you find those people?”. I don’t find them, I just notice them. I’m eventually more interested in what surrounds me than most people are. In a boy with a school uniform I saw the coolest guy in the Carcavelo’s beach. The common gesture of holding the surf board made the perfect contrast with the tie he was wearing. I don’t find people. I just give them more attention than most people do. In the moment when a Milanese guy writes an SMS, a Madrilenian man walks his dog or a Lisbonian woman holds two water demijohns. Wouldn’t you have noticed any of these people? Wouldn’t you have noticed Sam in one of those Winter days that feel like Summer in Carcavelos?

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My favorite moving sidewalk

A minha passadeira preferida (1) A minha passadeira preferida (2) A minha passadeira preferida (3)

[Teresa, her jumpsuit and the moving sidewalk can also be seen here]

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The pleated skirt

A saia plissada

I heard later that Helena has a degree in Pedagogy. She was probably very far from imagining that her photograph would also have such a pedagogic status. 99% of men doesn't know what a pleated skirt is. As I wouldn't have known some years ago if I hadn't created this blog. But tomorrow, when I'll be having dinner with my friends, I believe that each and every one of them will know what a pleated skirt is. And I'm almost capable of swearing that every man that visits this blog will remember that too

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